The Art of Murder

The Art of Murder

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Jessica By Jezibelle04 Updated Apr 04, 2011

Ok guys, just want to see how this one takes off. It's a lot different that from what I'm used to writing but please comment and let me know what you think!



The smell of blood wafted through the air as he stared down at the cold lifeless girl on the motel double bed. After a night of drinks and dancing, he brought his date back to this room to end the night on a good note. Two hours of rough sex had him wanting more; more than just a night of good sex. He wanted a thrill and the only thing that would bring him that high he craved so much was watching the life fade out of a beautiful girl's eyes.

Killing didn't bring him any sexual gratification like some people would think. No, killing took him on such an unbelievable high, it would take him two days to come back to reality. Drugs couldn't take him to that level; he had already tried the drug induced route. For...

Jezibelle04 Jezibelle04 Apr 08, 2011
@maskedducky It's going to be a detective but with a twist :).
maskedducky maskedducky Apr 07, 2011
Very interested in how you plan to move forward. Is this going to have a detective be the main character or the next victim?
Jezibelle04 Jezibelle04 Apr 04, 2011
@RunningWithTheWind Thanks! This is just something new I've been playing around with. Really hope it takes off!!