The Karate Dojo (Leo Howard/Jack Brewer FanFiction) [DISCONTINUED]

The Karate Dojo (Leo Howard/Jack Brewer FanFiction) [DISCONTINUED]

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Jay By jjhaha44 Updated Apr 17, 2015

Alexis (Or Alex) Gillespie is Rudy's niece, her mother was killed in a house fire, and her father tries to convince Alex into thinking that she caused it. Alex's father has sent her away to Rudy because he's actually the one who set the house a blaze. While in Seaford, Alex runs into Jack. She remains really quiet and secretive on what happened to her mother and what her father did to her. Does Alex like Jack? Will she ever tell the Dojo members what happened, as well as the truth? Will Jack fall for Alex after Kim has left him? Or will Alex's father end up killing her too? (Season 4 FanFic so no Kim, Sorry)

Sorry for those that were hoping for an update. I wrote this in the 8th grade and have moved on. Being in the 11th grade is really hard. Maybe one day I'll come back and decide to revise this. Maybe.

I'm sorry guys

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