Anchor || Liam Dunbar/Teen wolf fanfiction

Anchor || Liam Dunbar/Teen wolf fanfiction

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memorizinq By memorizinq Updated Jan 04, 2016

Beacon Hills has definitely lived up to its name. Supernatural creatures of every kind have been drawn to this one town, almost as if it was a real life Beacon, so it can't just be a coincidence that Lacey and Liam end up meeting the way they do.

Lacey Porter is a werewolf with anxiety issues and Liam Dunbar is a werewolf with anger issues. After dealing with professional assassins, dead pools, and not to mention the twists and turns in their personal life's, you would think they'd be ready to battle anything together. But they have no idea what's to come.

Friendships will be tested, loyalty will be questioned, and while everything is falling apart around them, Liam and Lacey must figure out where their relationship stands. But with everything going on, you have to wonder...

Does being an Anchor always lead to something more than just friends?

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carrierose02 carrierose02 Jul 26, 2016
I thought when the teacher said Porter I thought she said potter 😂
mochiimiin mochiimiin Jun 22, 2016
You would think that since Stiles has had panic attacks, he would have sympathy towards Lacey but no, only sarcasm 😂
IHeartbreakLover IHeartbreakLover May 01, 2016
Annnnnnnnnd I'm done 
                              Thank you author  for making me have a dirty mind already
                              Like in every....... books.......  I read........
                              Where's Levi when you need  something  to be clean or be wiped out from the brain
IHeartbreakLover IHeartbreakLover May 01, 2016
This is why he's my favorite  character  he never knows how to make people  Better but only knows how to make it worse with his sarcasticness
Alpha_Sour_Wolf Alpha_Sour_Wolf May 05, 2015
At first I thought it was a girl talking, it makes so much more sense now. Also love that you wrote it in Liam's POV, I've never read a story when he is speaking. So excited to read more
tfios_fanatic tfios_fanatic Aug 06, 2014
YESSSSS!!!! I've been looking for a fanfic with Liam as the main character with the main POV, etc and I've finally found one!!!! Super excited now!!!! Kinda wish it started at Muted or the Benefactor but I'll take what I get!!!!