The Dark Rose 🌹 {18+}

The Dark Rose 🌹 {18+}

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Chelsea By chelseaxxm123 Updated 4 days ago

He stands roughly a few feet away from me, his body towering over my crouched one. I bring my legs up to my chest, pushing myself further into the wall as he kneels down towards me. He brings his nose to the crook of my neck, my face grimacing as I await for the pain. He breathes in, "hmmm, you smell so delicious." He coos, his breath fanning my neck, causing me to shiver In disgust. 

If only my brothers were here...

"Wheres a delicacy like you been hiding this whole time?" His use of words has me on edge. His implementations imply that he's some sort of cannibal and judging from what he did to that other man I fear I may be right. 

I refuse to answer him, spitting in his face. My face bounces of the wall, the sting of his slap left behind on my cheek. I shake the pain away, placing a facade up to hide the fear within. 

You fucking bastard!

I narrow my eyes at him, taking note of his features in case I miraculously survive this encounter. His hair is a dark auburn and his eyes that watch me with amusement are a dark blue. His attire was a black suit which seemed out of place considering he was standing in an alleyway. 

If I manage to escape I want to be confident that'd I'd be able to have this bastard put behind bars. 

Again if...

His eyes shift, my eyes widening as his eyes turn from a dark blue to a pool of black, red veins trailing along from his pupil to the edge of his eyes. His voice is dark as he commands, "Show me that pretty little neck of yours."


⚠️ Warning!!! This book is extremely dark and has depictions of Mature language, violence, sexual activity, sexual and physical abuse, including rape. 

Rape is a serious crime often overlooked where the victim is made to believe it is their fault. 

I do not condone rape however, it's a reality. 

Please only read if your 18+ and with caution. 

This book will be updated weekly. Possibly sometime more or less depending on how busy I am.