Disconnected (girlxgirl)

Disconnected (girlxgirl)

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killainoue21hime By killainoue21hime Updated Jan 02, 2015

Counterpart Sequel.

Kassandra watched as her mate was stolen from her. Now she must do everthing in her power and above it to get her back.

Aliana has been seperated from her mate. The dark wants to use her to destroy the light. The light will do anything to keep that from happening. She will fight to keep the promise she made.

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I'm smiling and I feel bad about it because I don't know why I'm smiling
oenveb oenveb Feb 29, 2016
I love this story,, hope you finish this sooner or else I'll get crazy,, hehe,,
Luitenant_Roe Luitenant_Roe Dec 03, 2015
Damn it, after I finished reading the last sentence I went up to look at the chapt. title and realized it was a teaser... why!?
DearTvJay DearTvJay Mar 30, 2015
Awwww man this is just awful because they brainwashed her man come on
flyingdovee flyingdovee Oct 08, 2014
can you give 'the mother' a death scene lasting atleast three ppages
Stellathenerd Stellathenerd Aug 13, 2014
OMG!!!! luv this teaser and can't wait to find out how they get Aliana's mother that bi*ch. Anyway I can wait yo see more!!!!!!!!!