Solitary Mate

Solitary Mate

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CMechelle By CMechelle Updated Oct 12

I Was Running!!! Not for joy or excitement, but for my own life. Was he going to kill me, rape me, both? I had heard stories of rogue and unmated wolves doing horrible things to females of other packs. All to weaken the pack and crumble its members. My wolf was fighting to take over , she wanted me to stop.   
My legs were growing heavy with each step as she was causing them to slow down. Was she nuts !!?? Did she want us to die?? He was close, very close. I could hear his steady heartbeat and feel the warmth of his body near me. It was as if the sun's rays were reaching to softly caress my back. His scent found its way to my nostrils again , my eyes closed in pure pleasure. 

I was going to die.


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Ugh, I thought it was real and I was like YAS! But then this happened and I'm like YAS....not.
Dam, this your very first chapter, I love it.  I'm hooked.  Your a natural .  You shouldn't be worried at all.
azuna2013 azuna2013 Oct 17
Lol, ikr i don't like that they do that. Tho it makes the movie more interesting.
Nariod14 Nariod14 Jun 03
I'm actually glad it was a dream, otherwise the story would kinda be bland...
SaffieBob SaffieBob Jan 12
Great way to end a really great dream to find out it was make belief
Wilting0Rose0 Wilting0Rose0 Dec 11, 2015
You're really good at writing!! Such a great twist to leave us readers begging for more. Pat yourself on the back it was real goid