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Desired By The Alphas

Desired By The Alphas

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Elaine By LotusBubble Updated Apr 10, 2013

Hollis Greenwood has lived in the quiet mountains of Colorado Springs all her life. She knows everyone in the little town, and everyone knows her. Except when it's the first day of school, her senior year and there's a new crowd there.... Strange, attractive looking young men who seem to have a complete interest in her.
 And only her. 
Hollis doesn't understand why. Why do they have such a keen interest in her? Hollis finds herself tangled in a huge mess... Where the supernatural turns out to be real. She's not only wanted as a mate by them, but needed. What will Hollis do when people's lives are put in danger, because of her? 
What is so special about Hollis Greenwood?

liliana1468 liliana1468 Dec 24, 2016
Girl my school starts at 8:45 and I have up at 4:30 every day to get ready cause my dad don't way to take two trips so he takes my brother to school at the same time cause his school starts at 7:00
ReiDes13 ReiDes13 Jan 07
My eyes are just dark brown. Not even a nice chocolate brown. They don't lighten in some lights and become deep brown pools. They just stay a dull, flat, brown color. So chika please >.>
liliana1468 liliana1468 Dec 24, 2016
I love all animals especially pandas and dogs and I love cats cause after playing with a dog you could just relax with your cat and go to sleep and I also love my pet gerbil he is so cute his name is Fitzy lovely name right lol
Whaaaat many of people actually envy grey eyes or auburn hair wym?
People say my eyes are almost black but if you look closely you could tell I have extremely dark brown eyes. I sometimes hate it but other times I like that it does get lighter when I'm happy or when people say my eyes are mysterious!  😊
liliana1468 liliana1468 Dec 24, 2016
My fave color is gray I wis I had gray eyes I have very light brown eyes with a few yellow specks in it