The Reincarnation Butterfly

The Reincarnation Butterfly

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Momoko-chan By Momoko_Gozen Updated Mar 11, 2020

Darling do you believe of Reincarnated?~ 

No I have not heard such thing my dear~ Muzan said

Long ago their when demons and demon slayers are at war, a powerful demon named Muzan Kibutsuji fell in love with a human woman named Haruko Keon was the most beautiful woman who was killed by a demon slayer Haruko died in Muzan Kibutsuji arms her body turn into brighter red butterflies flapping around in the night sky. I'll be reincarnated my dear than I will see you again~ Haruko said

This is my first Demon slayer novel this one is Muzan Kibutsuji x reader/oc I hope you'll like it