My lesbian crush Madison

My lesbian crush Madison

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Anoeska By MrsSlowDeath Completed

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen: Madison. She has long blonde hair and perfectly light blue eyes. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Madison... Oh dear Madison. The girl I secretly fell in love with but something that nobody knew about... until now then.
"My lesbian crush Madison" is all about Violet. A sixteen year old girl who knows she is a lesbian but no one else knows because she is scared for the reaction if other people. That's why she decided to keep it as a secret for as long as she could but when Madison comes on her path it's a long harder than she had every thought. 


FIRST PUBLISHED: July 31, 2014
FIRST EDITED: July 9, 2015

Holly_Hotstuff Holly_Hotstuff Jun 25, 2016
Great start.  The problems of same sex love when it is reciprocating and then the other person realises their mistake.  I'm gonna read all this and give lots of comments too
Holly_Hotstuff Holly_Hotstuff Jun 25, 2016
People should remember that to be able to write is an art in itself.  Those who read and not write should not criticise but attempt to write themselves. I really like this and first works are often flawed but embrace your gift because I have x
NeonLights897 NeonLights897 Aug 25, 2015
This sounds so good! Your a great author. (by the way, i'm not sure if you did it or not, but I rlly love the cover (: ) So far this is great writing and a really great idea.  Your amazing!! Awesome book!!
HI_Jnl HI_Jnl Jun 21, 2015
Now I'm just thinking that those two might have a thing going on
ImNeneFromStateFarm ImNeneFromStateFarm Jun 04, 2015
This is such a simple but sweet kind of story ,I don't read much of these kinds of books but I can tell   its not like others I have read where its all about doing each other(A simpler way of putting it). its really attention grabbing and I think im going to continue to read this book. :)