Gangs and Roses

Gangs and Roses

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Paige Hill is a badass. Well, she likes to think she is. After burning her flat down after a drunken party, Paige has to go and live with four grown (and incredibly hot) men. They're hiding something, but what?   

Guns, explosions, car chases and love, Paige is thrown into a whirlwind of gangs and crime, fighting for her life. There's a fine line between life and death, and Paige is balancing right in the middle. And if she makes one mistake, her life could change forever. Or it could end it.    

A Watty Award Winner 2014
Undiscovered Gem

ChickLit: #57  
Action: #19

K-princess K-princess Jul 09
Wow man she is on her periods and not even uncomfortable for a second...
                              I don't even like to get out of my bed or even eat anything...the cramps are so bad....
                              I envy those girls that don't feel a thing on their period
Ppl in stories are so expressive when they want to be..... Just imagine realisation hitting your face like a tidal wave.....
Who tf washes there hair then straightens is and puts hairspray it it afterwards? Thats just a waste of shampoo and conditioner
itss_ryann itss_ryann Dec 22, 2016
why did this remind me of fsog- "this is my playroom" "you mean like your x-box and stuff?" FUCKJNANWNWJEJEME
So NOW Luke Hemmings is here? Can't you just make Sam Luke, and Luke Sam? If I make sense then... I make sense. 😝
I had some suspicion about the author being British and now I am 100 percent the author is British or at least lived in England purely from the type of Cereal listed.  😂😂😂