Gangs and Roses

Gangs and Roses

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Paige Hill is a badass. Well, she likes to think she is. After burning her flat down after a drunken party, Paige has to go and live with four grown (and incredibly hot) men. They're hiding something, but what?   

Guns, explosions, car chases and love, Paige is thrown into a whirlwind of gangs and crime, fighting for her life. There's a fine line between life and death, and Paige is balancing right in the middle. And if she makes one mistake, her life could change forever. Or it could end it.    

A Watty Award Winner 2014
Undiscovered Gem

ChickLit: #57  
Action: #19

yannannalays yannannalays Sep 30, 2016
played with my guy best friend. totally sucked until the last few rounds XD
Who tf washes there hair then straightens is and puts hairspray it it afterwards? Thats just a waste of shampoo and conditioner
So NOW Luke Hemmings is here? Can't you just make Sam Luke, and Luke Sam? If I make sense then... I make sense. 😝
Scarlett1020 Scarlett1020 Nov 16, 2016
Hmm.... I wonder what they don't want her to figure out.     
                              Gangs and roses
wastedpenguin wastedpenguin Dec 18, 2016
I live with five guys atm it's absolute HELL they are loud they are gross they are always drunk and they never leave you alone
kdramalove2017 kdramalove2017 Nov 29, 2016
I still dont how she ended up living in this house with the four guys in the first place🤔