The Capitol~Clato Fanfic

The Capitol~Clato Fanfic

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Ali L By ezriaxclatoxglarvel Updated Jul 31, 2014

OK so this is my first fanfic other than one in wrote for my friend,and just so you know, I am a huge clato shipper. Kay, well I don't own these characters (except the ones I made up) they belong to Suzanne Collins--an amazing writer. Like I said this is my fist fanfic and wattpad story, so bear with me. FYI, Clove lives in the Capitol as a rich heiress, and Cato is in the 74th Hunger Games. Clove is a little bit older than him though, like 2 years.

Chapter One

Clove's POV

I sighed as Marvel stormed out...again. Apparently we were over. But we were 'over' almost every week and he'd always come crawling back so what the heck. Anyways, it was great to screw him. Shy on the streets,sexy in the sheets I thought wryly. I headed back into my room and got dressed into my PJs. 

  "Uurrgh" I groaned as I groped for my alarm clock. It was 8:30 AM sharp. I smiled giddily, another one of the Hunger Games would start soon. I grabbed something from my pantry, don't ask me what I have no idea, an...