Fight or Flight

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Alex Fitton By AlexFitton Updated 6 months ago
Laura Hale is a girl with a broken past. After being thrust into a childhood world of drugs, loan sharks and gangsters, a criminal way of life took a firm hold. When she's given the opportunity to rebuild her life after five years inside America's most brutal women's prison, will Laura be able to shake her former life or will she pay the ultimate price?
That last line! WOW! 
                                    This gripped me the moment I started reading it; it was as if I was watching it on a movie or tv series, I could see it all so clearly! 
                                    you're writing is amazing and I'm shocked this hasn't got more reads! 
                                    I can't wait to see what Laura does!
All right. Wow. 
                                    This snagged my attention right from the very start, and held it all the way through to the end of the chapter. You started it powerfully, and ended it with a bang... literally. Brilliantly written!!
A very good first chapter here, Alex. It's descriptive and in parts, it's almost as if I'm watching this as a movie. The chapter is emotional and it's dark - two fantastic elements of a good crime and thriller novel. I have voted for this!
Your writing is definitely way above average. Very talented. I wish I could read this, but I'm really squeamish about torture. This was just so sadistic and awful. I don't understand how people can treat other people this way. I hope they come to bad, bad ends.
I love how you describe the warden's office.
                                    It made me cringe.  This book is good it's descriptions are dark.
wow. i read the first sentence and i cringed. lol. reading more!!