Goddesses In My House?!?! (A Male Reader X Hyperdimension Neptunia Story)

Goddesses In My House?!?! (A Male Reader X Hyperdimension Neptunia Story)

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TheHeroicLegend2005 By Heroesfan10009 Updated Jan 28

Based on the popular role-playing video game series from Idea Factory & Compile Heart that centers around characters that represent consoles, portable hardware brands, video game companies, and video game franchises. The story is about a kid named Y/N L/N, a 14 year old teenage boy who is the smartest, intelligent, luckiest, and brilliant teenager on the planet, and the shortest teenager on the planet. But Y/N's life is about to change when he discovered a large white Box that has been dropped off by his house, and has been encountered by cute adorable girls with magical powers that came from a world called Gamindustri. The name of these girls are Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert, Nepgear, Uni, Rom, Ram, IF, and Compa, but it's not just the 10 of those girls, there will be more girls from Gamindustri coming to Y/N's house. So Y/N will be taking care, loving, feeding, and have loads of "fun" with these cute adorable girls staying with him until they get back to their home world, and he will protect them from any danger or threats. But he needs to keep them a secret so nobody will never know or see that he has a bunch of girls living with him.

And this story was made to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Of The Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise.

Happy 10th Anniversary Hyperdimension Neptunia!!!

Hyperdimension Neptunia belongs to Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Tsunako.