PART I - General considerations
    PART II - An interview about my writing process
    PART III - Tips on writing
I kind of agree with his point. If you are not living in the moment, and experiencing it fully, how can you show that to a reader without describing it. You can only describe what you observe, but you can show what you've experienced.
Wow. That bit about how a book is showing your soul, that is kinda scary but really exciting!
really like the advice on ''style" i wonder in the creative process to tame an individual many can understand a writing .. interesting ...
I love you. Since I read Alchemist years back, You are my mentor...not for writing but for living my life towards right direction.
Thank you so much for sharing the insights on writing  and your process sounds just like my own.
Thank you sir for sharing these wonderful thoughts. Your talent leaves us in an aw.