The Regretted Rejection

The Regretted Rejection

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mockingjay4610 By mockingjay4610 Updated Mar 20, 2016

*PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS You Rejected Me, Now You Will Regret It*  Yes, this is your classic rejection story.  This is for those who enjoy cliches and classics like me!
"I, Xavier Charles Henderson, reject you, Teresa Rosalina Garcia.  You are nothing to me and you never will be.  You're just a weak little bitch who can't stand up for yourself," he says with a smirk.

"I-I, T-Teresa Rosalina G-Garcia, a-accept your r-rejection.  I hope you rot in Hell."  My voice cracks in the end.  I run out of the school as fast as I can.  I hop in my black Camaro and drive to the elementary school to pick up Emilia.
Teresa Rosalina Garcia is abused by her pack and siblings.  On her sixteenth birthday she finds out Alpha Xavier is her mate.  She and her little sister, Emilia, run away.  4 years later she's back and better than ever.  What happens when she gets back to her old pack.  Will she forgive him?  Or will she break his heart just like he broke hers?

(WARNING:Curse words!)

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angelturneddevil angelturneddevil Aug 28, 2017
I wish i could do that with school
                              The morning of school:
                              *time skip to after school*
Oh my god she looks so cute is she dressed as a wattpad sign
I'm just going to pretend that she said that in a less exciting tone
brankkster7 brankkster7 May 18, 2017
Y'all do realize that if he rejects her she's going to be weakened and constantly feel pain...? She's not just asking because she's begging or weak, she just wants to avoid the pain that comes.
Bitch what is wrong with you this is like a stranger asking a kid if they want candy the only answer is :NO!
Queenofall7492 Queenofall7492 Mar 22, 2017
wth really no questions? no second guessing? no "ill think about" ? THEY COULD KILL YOU FOR GODSAKE