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" It takes a monster to destroy a monster. "

          Jacelyn wants justice for a crime she was a victim of many years ago, so now she crosses the country looking for men guilty of wrongs against women. 

          When one of her victims happens to be in the same town as the Winchesters' case, they see her make a kill. She ends up tied up in their dank motel room being pelted with questions. But she has a few questions of her own...

©sunshinelionman || 2014 (discontinued)

brother_moose brother_moose Oct 02, 2016
My teacher said this once when I asked why she gave homework out
mrswinchesterknowles mrswinchesterknowles Aug 11, 2015
best trailer ever!!! like daaaaaaaang!! holy molly guacamole
Cookie_Dough_Lova Cookie_Dough_Lova Jun 29, 2015
Holy crap...that's a damn good trailer you got there. You did a really good job  ^.^
VasiaVipPhoenix VasiaVipPhoenix Jun 28, 2015
The trailer was amazing, I can't wait to read the book and Kate is one of my favourite actress.
epika123 epika123 Jun 12, 2015
The trailer is giving me CHILLS! Really great set up for the story, too!
supergirlz45 supergirlz45 Feb 18, 2015
Ripper, i instantly think of TVD and it just makes me fangirl to find that the character is a ripper in a son fanfic its just she's not a vampire like the ones in the show :)