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Ayla-Jade Scurrah By AJSCURRAH Completed

When a prophet comes before the Melbourne City Alpha with tidings of war - werewolves vs. vampires - the world as Chance knows it is thrown into chaos. Advisor and heir to the werewolf throne, she strives to strike a balance between her father's bloodlust and the safety of her people, conducting a secret investigation to determine who started the war and why... so that she can kill them herself. 

As the mysterious circumstances behind a death in the family unravel, Chance finds her heart divided: she cannot help but come to love the enemy. Magic, might and minds collide in an immortal war that seizes the whole shadow-world, forcing Chance to reevaluate who the real enemy is. Who deserves her obedience? What makes someone a true beast? 

*WARNING: this book contains violent themes and severely attractive characters.*

[Disclaimer: the chapter media are sourced from the internet and remain the intellectual property of the original artists. The cover and story I own.]

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zaniel025 zaniel025 Nov 02, 2017
I feel like Im really going to love this book and Im not even starting yet... 😂😂
HalimaHussain10 HalimaHussain10 Nov 14, 2017
Loving the book already even tho I haven’t even got to the first chapter.
samiisanarmy04 samiisanarmy04 Nov 01, 2017
MEEEEE (if I ever had cats 😭😭😭) I love cats sooooo much
lj-1496 lj-1496 Apr 07
I normally don't comment....: but this is the greatest dedication known to all hooman and cat kind.  Thank you for this act of amazingness!!  😸
BrittnieSteele BrittnieSteele Aug 09, 2017
I love this dedication. It's probably the truest thing I've ever read
Dude honestly my cat hates me but i love him and would still dedicate a book to him, much respect.