(The best) Sherlock X Reader One Shots (Fluff)

(The best) Sherlock X Reader One Shots (Fluff)

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Published: 18 November 2019  

      Another petty criminal, another petty case. Life had been like that recently for Sherlock Holmes; petty. He wanted more, something new and exciting. 

A collection of BBC Sherlock X reader one shots in which Sherlock Holmes decides to try something new: a relationship. Well, 'decides' is the wrong word; he can't help wanting to, when he meets Y/N.


Okay, about the title; bold claim, I know, but I'm not even lying 

I try to keep Y/N as neutral as possible so you can easily slip yourself into the stories. So far they're mostly different ways you and Sherlock's relationship starts because that's what I feel like writing right now. I'll get to some of the things you two get up to during your relationship soon enough, but, until then, please just enjoy watching Sherlock Holmes fall in love with you again
and again
and again


- Female reader. 
- Warnings will be given before sexy times 
- X reader, I experiment with different POVs
- Set around season one, in most of these Y/N is renting the spare room in 221B after John moved out with a girlfriend
- No death, drugs, gore, etc. 
- As mentioned, I will give warnings before mild smut but the characters of these ARE adults and so there will be references to sex (not in any real detail)