Sands of Time

Sands of Time

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Jenny By kittykittyjenjen Updated Mar 20

Alix had stared death in the face many times, hungry for its sweet release but never allowed to taste it for too long. Lost in the desert without a hope of survival, she smiled at her demise. She was finally free. Touching the burka shading her skin, she prepared herself for death once again. Death by fire would be painful, but it would be quick. The sun, her ignition and ammunition. 

She tore it off bracing her self for the pain of burning alive. But nothing. It was warm. The sun was warm. It hurt her eyes to look at it but it did not burn her. The monster residing within, safe because of her human skin. In disgust and devastation, she fell to her knees. Yet again forced to suffer like a human when she wasn't quite. 

Little did she know that her story was just beginning, her fate, waiting just a few miles away, suffering from his own demons. Both, barely surviving on their own, it's only together that they'll be able to live again. But with broken trust and hearts will they ever be able to find the peace they both so desperately desire?

Find out, in this tale of blood, magick and romance, set in a time of sultans, sand and vampires. 

A/N: Hi first book, use the comment button to tell me what you think. I'm always up for an a different point of view. I update when I have time, comments and votes push me to update faster. *****This book will most likely contain some mature content, cussing, sexual activity and necessary gore.

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Rogue_Kitty Rogue_Kitty Oct 03, 2017
When reading this book’s description, it almost makes me think of Game of Thrones AU.
marienggles marienggles Jul 03, 2016
Wow. This was a good start. The details are engaging and the part when she felt nauseus in the desert made me grab a glass.of water. Literally. Lol.
                              He's a hunter in the desert, eh? That's interesting. Definitely the last part's a page turner.
lsrofe lsrofe Jun 07, 2016
I'm going to take credit here *bows* you're welcome Wattpad world ;)
marienggles marienggles Jul 03, 2016
I didn't know you're a mother. :) congratulations on having your first babe. I stumbled upon this book and what do you know, it was written by you. :)
DimSceneX DimSceneX Aug 01, 2016
captured readers attention immediately - I love it. Can't wait to read more
lsrofe lsrofe May 31, 2016
I have feeling dizzy or nauseous. Ugh, that is the absolute worst!