Sands of Time

Sands of Time

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Jenny By kittykittyjenjen Updated Jan 27

I stand my ground and slowly I turn around, I can make out the shape of a large male, sitting against the door.  I am distracted by something moving beneath him, it's blood. It's dark, almost black as it pools out from under him, I notice all the arrows on the floor, bloody, wooden tipped, arrows. Wooden tipped...wooden tips are only used when hunting monsters.

A/N: Hi first book, use the comment button to tell me what you think. I'm always up for an a different point of view. Updates are weekly. *****This book will most likely contain some mature content, cussing, sexual activity and necessary gore.

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marienggles marienggles Jul 03, 2016
Wow. This was a good start. The details are engaging and the part when she felt nauseus in the desert made me grab a glass.of water. Literally. Lol.
                              He's a hunter in the desert, eh? That's interesting. Definitely the last part's a page turner.
lsrofe lsrofe Jun 07, 2016
I'm going to take credit here *bows* you're welcome Wattpad world ;)
marienggles marienggles Jul 03, 2016
I didn't know you're a mother. :) congratulations on having your first babe. I stumbled upon this book and what do you know, it was written by you. :)
DimSceneX DimSceneX Aug 01, 2016
captured readers attention immediately - I love it. Can't wait to read more
lsrofe lsrofe May 31, 2016
I have feeling dizzy or nauseous. Ugh, that is the absolute worst!
Little_Kimichan Little_Kimichan Jun 08, 2016
Oh. Congratulations on your baby... 
                              btw is the baby girl or boy?