Comfort [Stingue One-Shot]

Comfort [Stingue One-Shot]

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roguesama By roguesama Updated Sep 08, 2014

Sting is afraid of thunder and lighting, and one night after getting tired of his cries at night, Rogue decides to fix it, or at least help him with his fear.

Here's a one-shot that I came up with from a Rp I did with a friend. 

I worked on this when I kinda blanked out on my other fics, but I hope you enjoy :)
This is yaoi [boyxboy] just to warn, so read on your own risk.

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I'm not crying, I'm not crying....  it's just beautiful  *crying uncontrollably*
* Deep breaths * Oh sht oh sht 
                              THIS IS TOO CUTE FOR MY OWN GOOD
                              WHERE TF IS MY INHALER!!?
galaxyqueen19 galaxyqueen19 Dec 28, 2016
He gives me a trance every single time i look at him his red eyes sre so gorgeous and beautiful
Sneaky-Ville Sneaky-Ville Aug 22, 2016
Me being a love  of all things yoai I believe now is the time to have a nosebleed 
The_antisocial_Otaku The_antisocial_Otaku Aug 22, 2016
I can't nosebleed(sad but true. I have that feeling) but Kawaii
DunGewf DunGewf Oct 17, 2016
Yeah cliche hopefully he doesn't wake up like EVERY OTHER TIME THIS HAPPENS