Infinite | Unedited

Infinite | Unedited

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(#1 in superhuman, #1 in SciFi)

What if you had the chance to be super human? Or the chance to be immortal?

Aria Parker gets that chance. 

She's chosen for a competition to compete for "The abilities" And for the chance to become immortal. Can a sixteen year old girl really beat 400 other teenagers?

{Chosen by Watty winner @StevenSteel  for the @SciKick starts winner}

Gorgeous cover by @GraphicQueen-

Laia233 Laia233 Oct 14
But mostly Antman. Because he is awesome and funny and Paul Raud, the most likable person ever + Phoebe's boyfriend.
Ha! JenniferBlake as a character name? all I was thinking: teen wolf. teen wolf.  Teen. Wolf.
CCWinters CCWinters Apr 15
Nice, just try not to info dump so much. Overall, I'm liking it!
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Jun 25
Doesn't Batman have no Powers tho.....?
                              Nvm, I know he doesn't but maybe it's different in this story
Amaze book you have written and I'm only on the First chapter it been in my library for a while I've just never read it
I am loving how you put this in. It's so difficult as an author to find a way to set your story and you did it flawlessly