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Salvatore Sister ▹ Klaus Mikaelson [1 ; UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

Salvatore Sister ▹ Klaus Mikaelson [1 ; UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

478K Reads 12.4K Votes 31 Part Story
WriteYourDreams0821 By WriteYourDreams0821 Completed

❝How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you...
And longer if I can...❞ 

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Mia Salvatore's life just got a little more complicated when her brothers, another doppelgänger who everyone in town seems to be hell-bent on saving her, and her original hybrid ex-husband who will do everything to hold Amelia's love again.

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©All Rights Reserved, if I find a story that looks EXACTLY like mine, same ideas etc... I will message you and then report it cause I'm not about to deal with that shit.

Cover done by: ME

Cause I don't want to fall in love, if you don't want to try. But all that I've been thinking of, is maybe that you might. Babe it looks as though were running out of words to say .... and loves floating away.
A_girl_with_a_dream6 A_girl_with_a_dream6 Mar 22, 2016
OMG September 25 is my birthday 🙀🙀 Already love this story 😂😂
verifiedbutera verifiedbutera Jun 21, 2016
You know it's a good story when the protagonist threatens to rip your throat out with their teeth
RaeWrites RaeWrites Feb 06
To add: jasper hale. Emmett Cullen. JACOB BLACK. EMBRY CALL. damn. I wanna be a hybrid. Is Klaus adopting?
XxxRennyDxxX XxxRennyDxxX Oct 28, 2015
I like the person you chosen but I think Lucy Hale would be better I love her she is awesome
Damonsoontobe Damonsoontobe Jul 22, 2015
It would have been funny if she was 21 when she turned........Get it........ forever 21......... no Ok