The Lord's Conquest

The Lord's Conquest

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Daimhin had always knew she would be married. But the fact that it was going to be happening so soon. She was afraid, but slowly realizes what it feels like to be truly loved by someone. Will she learn to love him back is the question. Will Lord Faolon O'Conaill bring Daimhin her true happiness? Though Daimhin and Faolon finding love in each other has become a large part of their new lives together. They will also face great disaster and terrible hardships. After all of this will they have their happy ending?


The fest had gone quite well, I kept to myself and just ate, after the food father had dancers and music brought out to entertain everyone. I was not one for those sights tonight; I was too frightened to enjoy a good song. Now that it was all over father dismissed everyone.
	"Now if you would all retire to bed, in the morn we will have jousting and fights for you all to enjoy." Everyone got up to go to sleep, as did I my room was the farthest from the grand hall with it being on the far end of the castle and up stairs. I walked in the cold night the windows shone the only light to guide me to my chamber.
	"Hello Lady Hanegan." Said a man as he walked up beside me, it was the Lord and I froze where I stood, to afraid thinking of why he would want to see me now.
	"Hello Lord O'Conaill." I curtsied.
	"There is no need for such formality, we are to be married after all, please call me Faolon."	
	"Yes my Lord."
	"Just Faolon, if it is fine with ye may I call ye Daimhin?" 
	"Yes Faolon." I said nervously as he walked closer to me, I backed away until my back was up against the stone wall.
	"I like the way my name sounds coming out yer pretty mouth, my little deer."	
	"Lord that is very..."
	"What little deer, lewd? Well I find ye to be very beautiful." His face was close to mine and he was mere inches away from kissing me.

Start reading and find out what happens.

P3ACH3S67 P3ACH3S67 Mar 11
Girl publish the story and make some money off of an awesome book.
HusnaKoeucretd HusnaKoeucretd Oct 07, 2016
I waaaaannt... hope you finish this story soon I can't wait to read it
KelseyBarnes1 KelseyBarnes1 Sep 21, 2016
I recognize you may be trying to switch up the saying, but "extent" really should be "end". While generally the words can be exchanged to spuce up sentences; when it is said in this way, it is synonymous with saying "it frightens me for no time period".
KelseyBarnes1 KelseyBarnes1 Sep 21, 2016
"Here, I found the perfect gown. Have the housemaid help you into it and with your hair. Afterwards, meet your father and I..."    That's just my suggestion because that's a bit of a run on sentence.
HiddenStoryTeller HiddenStoryTeller Mar 01, 2015
Thank you so much! I plan on working on it soon and updating so if your interested keep watch. I'm gonna clean it up too so the storyline isn't as confusing. Again thank you fpr the support!
- - Mar 01, 2015
The man on the cover got me first, but this is actually pretty good. Love it already! Keep it up! And don't worry, my story is not discovered either. Just keep up the work and this will become famous in no time!