Call Me Dirty Minded

Call Me Dirty Minded

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Skye Einstein isn't your particular girl, even if she's the great grandchild of Albert Einstein. But don't let the last name fool you, she wasn't born with the intelligent nor talent gene so instead Skye possessed the speciality of staring at delicious males and drooling.

Skye seems to have the great aspect of raging hormones and curiosity. Is it possible for one girl with the explicit content Rated R mind be able to get the new kid to notice her? Well frankly, no one can miss Skye as she misinterprets everything dirty and enjoys sharing her thoughts, especially her best friend Jace who is her inevitable sound board.

 Everything seems so good, so cliche', so inviting and yet... Nothing is what you think it is. 

This is one humour book that is so much more than you bargained for.

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Sounds kind of like me, I have bad hormones and a very rated R mind
taesricecake taesricecake Sep 22, 2017
Hehehe I found this in my friend activity @ShamicaCarey bad girl😂😂😂
eidorb eidorb Feb 09, 2016
Yeaashhhhh, I agree with the rest of the comments, this is muah
ZehraGillani145 ZehraGillani145 Jul 03, 2016
Hai sky do u know your father had a great contribution in making our life hell seriously we are forced to study his discoveries
UnknownMariaaa UnknownMariaaa Jul 10, 2016
When it said, "She is the great grand child of Albert Einstein." I was just like, what?🙄😂
spottedbelly444 spottedbelly444 May 16, 2016
@pinkcolor109 OMG THE NAME OF THIS BOOK!!! Who does it remind you of???