Call Me Dirty Minded

Call Me Dirty Minded

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#5 in Humour 30/10/15 -

Skye Einstein isn't your particular girl, even if she's the great grandchild of Albert Einstein. But don't let the last name fool you... she wasn't born with the intelligent nor talent gene so instead Skye possessed the specialty of staring at delicious males and drooling.

Skye seems to have the great aspect of raging hormones and curiosity. Is it possible for one girl with the explicit content Rated R mind be able to get the new kid "Mr Goddess" to notice her? Well frankly, no one can miss Skye as she misinterprets everything dirty and enjoys sharing her thoughts.

Walking backwards with a little playful fight with her best friend Jace and next thing you know, she bumps into someone hard. 

"Sorry", or "My Bad" is what people say if you bump into someone right? But no, Skye instead feels up who she jolted into, completely oblivious of her surroundings until man pecs are pinched beneath her fingers.

Sliding on the slippery slide, up and down on the roller coaster, sharpening the pencil, and eating a banana. Great words reflected on Jace Neviar since he's that guy who breaks the rules and finds every excuse to jam into a girl's panties. Bad Boy? Horny? 

And then there's Mr Goddess, he has delight in stroking, feeling up, and smoothing. This isn't sketching nude women on a ship about to sink, instead it's the new guy who has more sex appeal than Zac Efron taking off his shirt at the MTV Music Awards. Mr Goddess pretty much came out of a romantic novel, like 50 shades of grey but minus the work-suit, awkwardness of trying to contain hormonal disruption and sexual fetish for dominance. 

Skye is Dirty Minded, Jace is Naughty Reckless and well Mr Goddess is a Sex God? 

These three are not exactly what one expects to be good. 

Bad however? Now that's something they'd invite you in for.

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