Dealing with the Golden Boy.

Dealing with the Golden Boy.

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HANNAH By HamSkillet Completed

Shes quiet because she knows if she opens her mouth her entire life story will spill out. 

He's loud, because he knows that's what everyone else expects. 

But when he opens his mouth and blabs about his smart, pretty girlfriend to his parents, he suddenly needs the girl to back it up. 

When he sees her story first hand, he realizes he has the perfect girl right at his finger tips. Shes smart, pretty and even has a secret worth protecting. 

After agreeing to his plan she can't help but wonder, 

What will she have to do to deal with the golden boy?


coolMVJ coolMVJ Mar 12
I read the ice cream name as potato Ice Cream 😂 instead of papas ice cream
Annaiswritingagain Annaiswritingagain Aug 30, 2016
I really love this story can't wait to continue reading! I already feel I am going to get too invested in Sarah :D
Oh my gods, for a second I thought she was talking about a topless girl. I kind of stopped breathing for that second.
I always think of Avatar, the one that takes place in the fictional world of Pandora.
zinglove65 zinglove65 Nov 10, 2016
I get it because she being a little and when she said that I thought she was talking about a car because it kinda makes since
ice_c_Reem ice_c_Reem Feb 25, 2015
OMG I thought they wetter talking about a topless girl whoops