The Hunter's Queen (ICS Book Two)

The Hunter's Queen (ICS Book Two)

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Melody Winters By winterstarfire Completed

Vincent Shaw is defeated, half-dead, and broken in more ways than one. A powerful werewolf now in exile Vincent's mistakes haunt his every step.

Evelyn the Meek is a sweet little half-ling and a skilled alchemist. With her own tormented past Evelyn risks life and limb to nurse a broken werewolf back from the brink of death.

With a scheming mystic in the mix, an army of evil at the gate, and a vengeful mercenary on the hunt - Vincent and Evelyn must overcome all odds and each other.

InnocentlittleRebel_ InnocentlittleRebel_ Mar 30, 2016
ohhhh.....*shudders in disgust* sorry...i don't do well with the tongue to tongue action, kissing im okay but not like that. Sorry author, but i have a feeling ill enjoy this story!
wykiaf wykiaf Jun 28, 2016
I promised myself I would wait until you finished this book, but I can't help myself. Your writing is addictive
RacquelIrish RacquelIrish Apr 13, 2016
Well I'm sold! Lol got me right there. Hook, line and sinker.
foreverlyn foreverlyn Mar 24, 2016
I will enjoy >:-) I should be doing homework, but I'm reading this... Joy abounds.
foreverlyn foreverlyn Mar 24, 2016
I do like your female protagonist from the previous book... She was strong but not annoying as hell like so many others are on Wattpad.
zahraorRose_19 zahraorRose_19 Jan 12, 2016
Eeee so excited. It's literally almost 3 a.m. rn and I just finished the first book nd omg I wanna start this one but my eyes keep closing on this own. 😢😢imma go to sleep then read this tom 😆