Fearless » Liam Dunbar

Fearless » Liam Dunbar

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Rebecca McCall (Becca or Bex for short) is Scott McCall's younger sister. You know, the Alpha Werewolf who usually ends up in heaps of trouble? Yeah, well she's his human sister.

Liam Dunbar is Scott's first beta. He got kicked out of his old school and is now starting as a Freshman. However, things turn out a little different for him. And he soon joins the supernatural rollercoaster of Beacon Hills. 

Scott is determined to keep Rebecca safe but he underestimates her. Allison Argent taught Rebecca everything she knew. And this year, those skills are going to come in handy. 

A dead pool. 

A benefactor.

A beta. 

These three things change Rebecca McCall. 

They make her fearless.

[Season 4]

This was my first fanfic that I wrote a long time ago so a lot of this is a mess, I apologise. 

© _toxicity 2014

5sos_ismylife_ 5sos_ismylife_ Aug 06, 2016
OMG I just came back from reading a HP fanfic and I had to check to make sure I didn't click on another HP fanfic
Intoxicated_Maniac Intoxicated_Maniac Jul 08, 2016
Poor Scotty, I could see his puppy eye look with guilt and said, "I bit the freshman." And looks down like a toddler has been caught lying.
Nickjrobinsonlove Nickjrobinsonlove Jul 09, 2016
Stydia_Phan_Trash Stydia_Phan_Trash Sep 20, 2016
Alright. Ill just sit all by my lonesome in Australia, where the timezones are the wierdest of the lot.
Bebebriddon Bebebriddon Jul 29, 2016
He is my worst fear but apparently I used to have a crush on him
skeespplace skeespplace Dec 28, 2016
I'm rereading bc I finished both books and I'm waiting for the 3rd. STILL SHOOK BY THIS OPENING