Masters of the Underworld {boyxboy}

Masters of the Underworld {boyxboy}

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_Britania_ By NaturallyNastassia Updated Dec 23, 2016

I, Hades, God of the Underworld has fallen in love 

Love is an emotion that could cure the most cruel of creatures, It breaks down all your walls and barriers that you built to keep your heart away from hurt, pain and vulnerability

Love heals the mind and the heart. With love comes mercy, forgiveness, kindness, hope and so much more. Love is a gift to be treasured and not to be taken lightly or it could have fatal effects

Love causes a person to see with the eyes of their heart instead of their body or mind, It can lead a person to sacrifice themselves for the one they love, to do anything to make them happy to keep them safe

Love is having strong affections for someone, where you love them with your whole being , where you love them with your mind, body and soul.That if you were ever without them it would be agonizing and if they were to die you would die as well, literally

And I just had to be in love with HIM of all the Gods and Goddesses in the universe it had to be HIM even a imp would be easier to love even if they were merely slaves but nooooo I had to love that damned angel

I, Hades is in love with none other than the all powerful Ex-Archangel Lucifer.

Authors Note:
This story is a boyxboy story as you can see it will include sex between men, meaning Gay/Homosexual so if you have a problem please do not read because I don't want to see any offensive comments about that lifestyle
P.S. Rated R *hehe*

This is my first book so please don't be too harsh. Please enjoy :)

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roxyvzh roxyvzh Feb 17
Well that's not a problem. Hades is kinda considered the youngest to some since he came out of his father's stomach last
KuroAino KuroAino Dec 31, 2016
I love this already, starting off with the lemon 🍋 😍😂🤣
NaturallyNastassia NaturallyNastassia Sep 19, 2016
@vidaspancakes THANK YOU VERY MUCH! People I am simply shifting around some things so it better suits my tale 🙄 Ive said this toooooooooo many times now
vidaspancakes vidaspancakes Sep 19, 2016
I thought she cleared all that up in the author's note at the beginning of the story.
KaitlynPallares KaitlynPallares Mar 04, 2016
Zeus came last, if he was older Hades or Poseidon would have saved them
LeafarAsohnipse LeafarAsohnipse Nov 30, 2015
Actually posidon and hades are twins and older than zeus zeus is the youngest