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Drarry One Shots

Drarry One Shots

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Tiger_Scar By Tiger_Scar Updated Jun 13, 2016

I marched down the corridor, trying to spot the raven haired boy that was the cause of my anger. I spotted him and dragged him into an empty classroom. 

"What is it, Malfoy?" Potter spat. I glared at him before reaching up and yanking off the hat I had used to hide my hair. Potter's eyes widened in surprise before he began laughing. My hair was a fiery red. 

"What is the matter with your hair?" he asked. My eyes narrowed. 

"You enchanted it to change according to my mood," I spat. 

"It wasn't me. I am offended that you would assume such a thing," Potter frowned, placing a hand over his heart and pretending to look offended. He looked sexy when he did that. No, bad thoughts, Draco. Even if they are true. 

"Then who was it?" I hissed through clenched teeth. 

"I don't know," Potter shrugged. I groaned in frustration and began to pace, muttering some very colorful words. 

Harry's POV

Malfoy was pacing in front of me and my eyes followed him. His arms were crossed and his hair was r...

*sees a random strand of blonde hair*
imwilliamfox imwilliamfox Apr 17, 2016
Strangely I'm not bothered by that but I am glad Harry moved on from that phase
Dreamer-To-Be Dreamer-To-Be Jul 27, 2015
Silly Draco!  Harry can't be his own godfather!  Of corse he's not Sirius!
hoseokaah hoseokaah Jul 20, 2015
I used to kinda ship Ron and Harry but now I'm all about drarry woo
pointlessreject pointlessreject Nov 28, 2014
Why must I torture myself with these adorable one shots!??!??!
Merytrekppo Merytrekppo Oct 01, 2014
That was good! Definitely better then Hermionie's perspective. But might I suffer not switching perspectives so much, it gets kind of weird