Miss. Nerd has a Gun.

Miss. Nerd has a Gun.

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Ariana (Ari or Aria) Jones is the daughter of the famous Amelia and Adam Jones. Amelia and Adam are both assassins and spies who work for FBI. Aria is secretly one of the worlds best teenage assasins (Agent 23), working for FBI's teenage department T.A.A.S, which is Teenage Agents, Assassins and Spies. Creative name, I know.  She hides her badass self in school, and is because of that labeled as a nerd. 

She wasn't planning on dropping the disguise, no matter how much her mum and dad wanted her too. But it all changes when Ari's dad takes the job with him home. Aria is now stuck baby sitting three idiots, who pissed of her pshyco ex-boyfriend who's also the leader of the mafia and a really powerful drugdealer.

(towards the end, this story brings up some pretty serious topics such as abuse and depression. Please be careful while reading if you're easily triggered)


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Jenkc1505 Jenkc1505 Oct 17
Nah....it’s totally normal to see a baby sitter have guns and knives scattered across her room
Asher-Ash Asher-Ash Nov 25
Pretty good! :D There were a few subtle grammatical errors, but they’re not super noticeable. Keep up the good work!
Nah.. conpletely normal for your babysitter to have guns and knifes on the damn dloor and also being qn secret agent and assassin.
                              I think it's now normal. 
                              I mean if you saw my room....💀
FINALLY a book that does this! Ive always wondered how fictional characters can memorize names after hearing them once
I think you should change "i never learn anything" to something like "they never teach anything i dont already know" or "they never teach anything important" because like you said, she has photographic memory, and i can almost say for a fact that theyll be teaching stuff lmao