Because I'm Different » d.h

Because I'm Different » d.h

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Snoop Dog By danisnotondrugs Completed

Sam was just an ordinary Youtuber and loved being the nerd she was. It was all just boring. She had just finished University and had nothing to do with her life until she met The Fantastic Foursome. She was a fan, of course, but something stirred between her and Dan Howell. Will it work and will she tell Dan the deadly secret she had that could, literally, send her to be dissected in a Science Lab or sent to a mental institute? 

Will have a sequel etc and will carry on till I loose all hope in my brain :) This does have a bit of paranormal touch to it but I promise it isn't scary that you will wet the's more of a strange happening and the findings of... Just read the story!! :P

Note: I don't own any of the songs, branded products, real-life people etc in this story.

everestg everestg Nov 02, 2016
Ok but one day ur metabolism will slow down and you'll gain all of it so u better still eat healthy
starryphil starryphil Nov 26, 2016
oh hi peej, i thought you were dan, continue being beautiful.
If u listen closely, you can probably hear the millions of ovaries exploding around the world
IAmTheRealAlice IAmTheRealAlice Oct 16, 2016
I literally cant say his name without smiling. Thats how much of a sunshine he is
Idiotbandgirl12 Idiotbandgirl12 Dec 12, 2016
My name is sam and one my guy friends has told me this before
Can you not kill me today, I was thinking about getting a new haircut but I guess that won't happen when i'm dead