Hate at first sight

Hate at first sight

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"I don't think you get it bitch. This is my school, my land, my people, you are out of your league by a long shot and if you dare insult me one more fucking time I will make your life a living hell" his swirling pools of gold were quickly sinking into darkened pits of pure anger as I slowly leant forwards, my mouth so close to his that his minty breath blew the random strands that had escaped my messy bun out of my face and said in a cool, collected voice which was incredibly hard when your being pressed into a locker like it's part of your everyday fashion statement. "Bring it on you jerk.."

Scarlett Johnson knows all about packs, wolves and mates... it's the only way she can protect what's left of her broken family after she watched her brother and father murdered by a rogue and she hates them. All of them.

Unfortunately when she moves to Spring Groves under her mother's orders and finds she's in the middle of one of the largest and most dangerous packs in the world her life is turned upside down by the local boy that his pack call the Alpha... especially when this Alpha wants nothing to do with even the word 'mate' it's hate and first glance. But when the past becomes too dangerous to avoid and Scarlett finds herself buried head deep in a pack she hates to love and a love that both sides are fighting to ignore... will that hate finally turn into something else? or will both ships come burning down?

AmazingAvaAction AmazingAvaAction Jul 13, 2015
Has anyone noticed that her brothers last name is Johnson and first name is Jason; Jason Johnson...