The Alpha's Little Omega (Sequel to TALPT) COMPLETE

The Alpha's Little Omega (Sequel to TALPT) COMPLETE

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AN:Hey kids I said I would write the sequel in the morning but it is now four o'clock in the afternoon and I have to go back to school tomorrow!!!UGH...God...High school sucks...what the hell is this?LOL anyways I was going to call it the Alpha's Omega but I am reading a story that already has that name so I added the little part.I am in no way attempting to copy her book or what not.I just simply wanted to relate the title to the first book which makes sense because the first book is called The Alpha's Littly Play toy...

Anyways enjoy the story they are in high school obviously!



"So What does this mean? Why is she doing this?" I heard my mom ask Dr. Angelica. I waited outside the door. They didn't know I was there.

"I honestly don't know. This is something the elders would know. All I can say right now is that maybe she has a short attention span. But I am not sure and to be sure you will have to wait for the summer solstice to ask." She sighed.

"What abou...

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44Bernard 44Bernard Sep 16, 2016
I wonder her Courtlands' mate will be; a Warlock or a Vampire!?🕵/👅
WritersCraze WritersCraze Dec 13, 2015
I don't want her to be a silly omega, besides, in other books white is special.
KasieMunn KasieMunn Apr 08, 2015
Tyler would have gotten a back hand slap for being sarcastic
WitchyRedRose08 WitchyRedRose08 Mar 18, 2015
u think its warlock or wizard
                              vampire?ok..but how come an alpha can be invisible??
WitchyRedRose08 WitchyRedRose08 Mar 18, 2015
so??shes ur doesn't matter if she became omega or not.why cant accept her&keep reminding her she became omega?
LoveStoryGirl_ LoveStoryGirl_ Sep 26, 2014
it would be so awesome if she got alot of strength and could fight better than her brothers