Sacred Sun (Book I)

Sacred Sun (Book I)

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Alejandro  Marrero By CasualKindess Completed

Donavin is a youthful and energetic twenty one year old guy, who by chance meets Jeramiah a handsome thousand year old Vampire that owns Sacred Sun; a metaphysical shop in Tampa, Florida. 

Donavin soon discovers there is evil threatening to destroy everything including his new found love. Armed with arcane powers he's yet to understand and a team of loving friends sworn to protect him. Donavin's choices may ultimately decide the fate of this world.  

Read a unique perspective on the supernatural.

Discover: Romance, Adventure, Vampires, Angels, Mysticism, Fantasy, Danger,  and powerful Arcane magic.

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Some people may not like the rambling but I think it's funny😂😂😂 lmao
City_of_Tye City_of_Tye Sep 10, 2017
I swear black everyday in South Florida cuz black is my favorite color......I swear hoodies and jackets with jeans everyday to.....
mangatake mangatake Nov 11, 2017
The character’s rambling is so excessive that I couldn’t stay interested because nothing was happening. There might be others who don’t mind it, but usually “show, don’t tell” is a good way to go. Best of luck.
AkiraTashiaki AkiraTashiaki 6 days ago
He sounds so gay xD not that its a bad thing but omg I can really hear it xddd
Noel1399 Noel1399 Dec 08, 2017
I'm basically just skipping through the ramblings because it's putting me to sleep and I want to see if this is going to get interesting at all.
Speedo_Worthy Speedo_Worthy Jun 26, 2016
The first time I used an 8 ball I asked it about 10 questions and it just kept saying 'ask again later' 
                              I decided that either it was broken or so magical that it could chose to be lazy.