Bigby X Reader (the wolf among us)

Bigby X Reader (the wolf among us)

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Silver Wolf By TheSilverWolf94 Completed

Moving to New York was the start of a new life. Meet new people and watch where the New York life leads you. Just as you step foot outside your apartment door your life is going to turn into the most bizarre one yet. 
You might just bump into something you never imagined was possible. Something that was nothing more than a story. A story that actually tells a true tale.

Little story of how you met the great sheriff Bigby Wolf and the relationship you both had. With bumps on the road and some stupid mistakes along the way will everything work out in the end? Read and find out!
ENJOY!!! :)
This story contains strong language, fighting and some sexual content


I am going to say something.. XD while playing the last episode during the fight against BM I was chanting for Bigby to 'kill her' and my 1 year old nephew said "BB" and I nearly squealed at how adorable it was!
what's weird is that everything in this so far is exactly how I'd react and Bigby acts like the Bigby in the game. Great job so far, it's really good!
Do you have a fanfiction account? Cause I swear I've read this there. It is so familiar that I'm checking my account to see if it is.
I can't stop smiling ahh and my friend is like what the hell wrong with you sometimes I can't control the smi
PsychoMichi PsychoMichi Nov 12
But then again, you wouldn't have met this handsome bulky man.
                              So just go with the flow, bruh.
STAWP!!! Family is sleeping and I'm going to wake everyone up by my hideous squealing and laughter!