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Milo Nelakho By MiloNelakho Updated May 14, 2020

When a deranged god hunts you, you can die or ascend.
Anele has lived most of her life with the divine beasts of the wilderness, sleeping alongside dragons, wrestling elephants with her bare hands, and hiding from monarch vultures with wings large enough to shade a village. Even when tragedy destroys the nest she called home and literally tears her soul to rags, she gives the mage-filled villages and human nomads a wide berth. 

Until the Pettygod catches her scent. 

Now pursued by a half-mad, faceless mage whose power is made to brush the heavens, Anele must find a way to fix her damaged soul before he hunts her down and rips it out of her body.

Still reeling from the greatest failure of their life and the loss of one of their beloveds, Wenyanga is ready to give up on their life's mission. Then a young, ragged witch crosses their path. The first problem they note is that the young woman's soul has been torn to pieces, held together by sheer will alone. The second problem is that she survived an encounter with a Pettygod. Either problem should have killed her, yet here she is, limping through battle against mages who surpass her in every aspect of the divine arts. Or at least, every known aspect.

That dying spark now slowly flaring, Wenyanga takes up their life's pursuit again. It is a goal meant to shatter every law of the divine arts, and the shackles uninspired mages put on all magekind with them. But first, Wenyanga must convince the young witch that -- with their help -- she can not only heal her soul, but do the impossible and kill a god.

But what is impossible when the most ambitious mage in the world mentors a student of law-shattering potential? 

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