【𝓘gniting 𝓘carus】

【𝓘gniting 𝓘carus】

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J. E. By IntrovertedJEM Completed

If you want to give your people happiness, you can, but it comes at a price. How much are you willing to give to those you rule?


	Among humans walked half-man, half-wolf creatures designating themselves as lycanthropes. There was one Alpha who reigned as Alpha of Alphas, and the lycanthropes of the world saw him as a God. No one knew his name except his brother, Kaius, who was Beta. Lycans titled him Alpha Superior for administrative sake. Stories and tales of his glorious birth and voracious reign traveled, and morphed into a narrative of a cold, robust, and heartless Alpha Superior. Some stories were true, for an Alpha alone for centuries was an Alpha without hope. Most wondered why their Alpha was so callous, and few knew, for the Alpha, the Wolf God, the Superior, had to give up his right to a mate so his wolves could have theirs. 
	 But when his brother adopts a little girl, and that girl ignites something in him that he'd never felt before, he has to make a decision between his happiness and his pack.

Cover by Jiminsitunes