The Jock's Babysitter

The Jock's Babysitter

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Steven Jacobs is hot. Yep, it's a true fact. He can get laid at the drop of a hat, does whatever the hell he wants, and is the most popular guy at school. But when his mom leaves for a lengthy trip for work, his precious reputation could be torn apart. Why? She got him a babysitter.


Lena Scott isn't a slut, but she isn't a goody two shoes either. She seems to float through school (along side her crazy best-friend Kat) waiting for the chance she can get out and just leave for wherever she thinks up. Only problem is, she needs money. When she lands the best babysitting job in her life she is crazy excited. Little does she know, she'll be watching a BIG baby.

...............The Jock's Babysitter................

HesDaddyAsf HesDaddyAsf Jul 09
I had drink in my mouth and trying not to laugh. So I had my lips pursed and I almost spit my drink out. Luckily I didn't. But I coughed and my mom yelled, "you okay?" and I was like "Yeah I was trying not to laugh" and she laughed, "okay". Lmaoo
Lena should have just applied as her baby sitter seeing she's more like it than a best friend with the way Lat described their friendship
Can u please put the p.o.v on top so we know whose talking and veiw
Hahahahhahaahhh looooool it's impossible to hate this dude, man
One of the first times I've seen "defiantly" on Wattpad, and the author wasn't trying to say "definitely"
Funny as a motherfucker well maybe not a motherfucker but you get the point😊😊😊