The Nerd's Secret // Book 1 [EDITING]

The Nerd's Secret // Book 1 [EDITING]

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Dreaming Dreams By Dreamerfeverxo Completed

"I can't tell anyone how I was kidnapped and raped. How I was used and abused. I certainly can't tell anyone how I learnt to fight so that I could protect myself"

Mia Brooks wasn't your ordinary teenage girl. She is a teenage girl with no family. After being left alone on the streets of North Carolina she was finally found and taken into an Orphanage. She started to attend school and made 2 best friends, Emma and Dylan.

At school she get's picked on and bullied. She wears baggy clothes and huge glasses. But that's not the real Mia Brooks. The real Mia Brooks fights.

Nobody knows Mia's full story or the real reason she fights. But what happens when Mr. Bad Boy enters the picture. Does he have a secret too?

Aaron Miller is the schools number one bad boy and bully to Mia. He's known for getting into fights and skipping school. Nobody knows why he does it but when he gets close to Mia will he spill the beans or not?

Read to Find out ! 

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darkpoet1_1 darkpoet1_1 Nov 30
How old was she when this happened???? Lol  #curious #rereader
RubyZamba RubyZamba 3 days ago
hello compliment of the season to you . i'm ruby by name 
                              could you please i write me at
                              am very interested in stories , but am not often here
ItsWavvyy ItsWavvyy Nov 19
😻 God daym I don't really find much people attractive but he's really hot 👌
Ch3wy1039 Ch3wy1039 Nov 26
I'm going to act like she has blue eyes I think that goes with her appearance not streotyping anything just saying
ItsWavvyy ItsWavvyy Nov 19
Chahlie (xD that's how British ppl sound like saying it tho)
SheWolf116 SheWolf116 Nov 20
I hate that. When your crying inside then someone asks if you're okay. Then trying to keep it in but that feeling you get knowing there's someone who cares wins and you burst into tears. #mylife.