Isle of the Extinct (Book 1 in the Isle of the Extinct Quadrilogy)

Isle of the Extinct (Book 1 in the Isle of the Extinct Quadrilogy)

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Skeveirus By SniperAC8547 Updated Sep 20

By then the campfire had burned itself out, leaving the sole light source in the area the evil glow of the beast's eyes. Spreading its winged arms out, the animal emitted something all too familiar to the survivors: "Help...h..hck...helllp...", before, in a flash, began unleashing a terrible screech of intensifying fury, feathery limbs flapping ferociously, glowing eyes drilling like a pair of jackhammers into their souls. It was only then Shane realised there was only about a couple metres of ground between them and the raptor. No doubt it could be down on them in a split-second. The animal stepped forth, scaly lips drawing back to reveal its deep red gums, supporting rows upon rows of little knives. The two metres became one.



*Third place in The Wildwood Awards 2020 in the Sci-fi category

*Second place in The Gen Z Awards 2020 in the sci-fi category

Reviews: @CaptainGully- "Final statement; wow, this is incredible. There is real effort in skill being put into this and it is unlike anything I have ever read on this site. The way the perspective changes smoothly and that the text gives context clues for that lets me know you rely on the reader. The quality and amount of detail to dialogue ratio is balanced. Even though you are describing claws in different situations, you manage to change up the words from "claws" to "keratin tipped finger nails." Through this, you cleverly avoid repetition (and repetition is boring to read through). And the attention to detail on historical accuracy deserves recognition. Stuff like this makes me realize that there are incredible writers on this site, 9/10 would recommend"

@IgweSharonStone: Just swallowed me into the Jurassic Era, a world of action and dinosaurs! Loved how fast-paced and incredibly descriptive this book was! Jurassic Park fans? Give yourself a ride into this thriller!

~Gen Z awards 2020