Awaken || American Horror Story/ Violate

Awaken || American Horror Story/ Violate

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Have you ever had a dream in which you never wanted to wake up?

Violet Harmon is your average teenage girl. Her days are spent sitting in her darkened room, reading depressing novels or listening to music from the 1980's. 
So what happens when she begins to have recurring dreams about a particular psychopath? 

Is Violet Harmon insane for falling in love with a boy she only sees when she falls asleep?

"This is like the best fan fiction I have ever read... I am literally in tears"

"This book was literally one of my favorites, I recommended it to all my friends and keep on doing so! It was so amazing to read, not too short, not too long, just PERFECT!"

"Really well written and entertaining. I love the story line, and it kept me wanting to read on. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes ahs".

creativedalmation creativedalmation Aug 15, 2017
Yes I had a dream of my crush Hugging me hint hint in my first story I wrote yes I'm 12 he's 17 I know then I woke up and I was like mind why are you torturing me
InSiDeOuTAmira2 InSiDeOuTAmira2 May 22, 2017
Lovely story! The only problem I have is when a person finishes speaking, make sure you put a comma when there is no question mark or whatnot.  Example: "I'm unhappy," she said. 
                              (I think.)
LarryxTomlinsonx LarryxTomlinsonx Sep 17, 2016
I love your writing it has like no mistakes and it's a good story line😀😀
Animal_Spirit Animal_Spirit Oct 04, 2016
I think I'm in love with Tate, Kit, Kyle, Jimmy and let's not forget Evan