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Taylor caniffs sister

Taylor caniffs sister

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juliette_guzman By juliette_guzman Updated Dec 15, 2014

Yes I am Taylor caniffs sister my name is Mia I'm 15 basically a mini Taylor but in a girl version I'm 5"7 so a good height I secretly can sing but no one knows 
Taylor invited me to magcon and I said yes but there were rules
1) must be in range so he can see me 
I tend to get lost a lot 
2) don't fall for the boys 
I doubt that will happen but ok
3) always wear a bandana at all times 
I wear bandanas anyways like I said I was a girl version of Taylor let's see how this will go

Izziex0x Izziex0x May 29, 2016
Thought it said bananas... If this was a 5sos fanfic, I would understand
GrierKoury GrierKoury Mar 05, 2016
turned into drake and started singing hotline bling then said that Tupac actually wrote that plot twist Sia is Tupac
Duhitzlilly Duhitzlilly May 30, 2016
Wonderin when he'll be mine, walk past like press rewind, see that face one more time
geektrash geektrash Jul 22, 2016
Kisses you----omg no shocker there it's literally in EVERY fanfiction when they 'unexpectedly' kiss you!*note the sarcasm*