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Twins mates are complicated

Twins mates are complicated

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subjock1 By subjock1 Updated Dec 05, 2014

"You belong to us, babe!" Mathew says pushing me to the wall with him and his brother against me.

 "I belong to myself!" I say defiantly. They can't own me!

 "See sweetie, thats where your wrong!" Anthony says huskily.

Oh god, what did I get myself into!?
When two flirt Alphas find their mate, will they change? And yes, I did say mate, as in one. They share a mate! What will happen when you have twice the over protective people? What will the brothers do when there is a threat to the love of their lifes?

EllieBurden123 EllieBurden123 Aug 09, 2016
Omg boys must love her she has 'decent' sized boobs and a bit butt and she plays volleyball
Ya cause a hundred bucks just grows on the tree out back. Spoilt? Na never
$100 is not going to last 5 hours unless she goes into EVERY store and buys one thing...
jaylapowelllove jaylapowelllove Dec 13, 2016
Ok. Is it just me, or do I walk into the mall with 100 bucks. And walk out with 50cents. And only have 
                              2 BAGS.
So is she ever going to have the huge was of cash to acquire that impractical dream or does she plan on her long lost Italian uncle willing her the remains of one she can redirect? Really?
DarkCrystal616 DarkCrystal616 Jul 29, 2016
Be great full you have a car. Some of us have to walk three miles lady. I beg and beg but nnoo all I get is running shoes. Gahahagagah there is something wrong with my family, I promise you that. And I don't lose weight when I walk It's sssooo mean.