Twins mates are complicated

Twins mates are complicated

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subjock1 By subjock1 Updated Dec 05, 2014

"You belong to us, babe!" Mathew says pushing me to the wall with him and his brother against me.

 "I belong to myself!" I say defiantly. They can't own me!

 "See sweetie, thats where your wrong!" Anthony says huskily.

Oh god, what did I get myself into!?
When two flirt Alphas find their mate, will they change? And yes, I did say mate, as in one. They share a mate! What will happen when you have twice the over protective people? What will the brothers do when there is a threat to the love of their lifes?

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Wolfhorse23 Wolfhorse23 Mar 29
First of mine is 1967 Chevy impala second am I the only one who thought of sideswipe and sunstreaker (transformers)
Hey, be thankful all that I have is 2 pairs of shorts, one from skinny jeans that didn't fit well at the bottom of my legs and the other from school pants that had bleach on the bottom of the leg
Why do you hate her? She just gave you a hundred dollars. I mean, I get moving can be tough. When I was 7 my mom moved me and my brother Oklahoma from Virginia ( my mom and dad divorced when I was really small) and i wouldn't want it any other way.
This almost sounds like me but I have brownish reddish hair,dark brown eyes,5'3 nice curves decent sized boobs and a big butt
I don't think that would last very long depending on if you have to drive on a dirt road to get to your house
My mom would never do that she's like child stop mopping around and go clean something if your bored make yourself useful