Sex Academy

Sex Academy

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 "But mom I don't want to go!" I point out. 

 "Haley! You need discipline! You just don't understand!" my mother remarks at me.

 "Okay okay! So I had sex with Riley in the principles office! But at least it was with someone I trust. She's my best friend! The least you can do is not to take it out on her." I confess. 

 "Exactly. That's why you're going. Not her." it was hopeless. there was no way I'm getting out of this. So instead of fighting back, I go upstairs and pack. 

 So I'm bi! Whatever. I'm a sexual type and it doesn't matter anyway.

 After I finish packing I let myself fall asleep. 

 I wake up and you know what! I actually don't mind I'm going anyway! Because I just got a text from Riley.

 Hey! Guess what?! My mom is making me go to the same academy as you! I guess we're going to have some fun, huh? Love you babe. 
                      -Riley <3

  So I just grab my suitcase and let my mom drive me there. 

 I was dressed in some ripped short shorts, a crop top tha...

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ILoveRomanceSoMuch ILoveRomanceSoMuch Dec 20, 2017
I almost thought she was going to punish her with sex. Gosh what a mind I got
mlwayne22 mlwayne22 Apr 10
Hey can u tell me if ur ever going to update again bc I’m trying to clean out my library bc I have so many books😂
Jazzy_boo2 Jazzy_boo2 Jul 20, 2015
Please update it's so good and interesting I haven't read one where the girl is bi with her best friend!!
beannie4900 beannie4900 Mar 18, 2015
I will continue this book if someone wants me too. I love writing these kind of books :)