Star Wars: The Jedi Lost in Time

Star Wars: The Jedi Lost in Time

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RaynaNightshade By RaynaNightshade Updated May 21, 2015

After the Galactic Civil War, a New Republic was established by the Great Alliance to replace the Galactic Empire. Hence, a newly restored and reformed Jedi Order with Luke Skywalker as its grand Master.

A few years later, an intergalactic criminal, Lak Neonshock escaped from prison. Grand Master Skywalker sends an honorate member of the New Jedi Order, his wife Mara Jade and her padawan, Jaina Solo.

Master Jade and Padawan Solo tracks Neonshock on the ice planet, Hoth. In pursuit, Mara Jade accidentally lands unto a shocking discovery. As she finds a young jedi literally frozen in time…

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Blaynero Blaynero Oct 26, 2016
Good start just a few errors on spelling, but overall a good start.
SororaIbnElSuul99 SororaIbnElSuul99 Jan 28, 2016
Great story. You really captured the mentality of the plot and characters
MichaelMountjoy97 MichaelMountjoy97 Jan 31, 2016
I believe the lightsaber colors are the same colors written in the original books
MichaelMountjoy97 MichaelMountjoy97 Jan 31, 2016
I love it when people stick to the extended universe of Star Wars! Way to go! So glad to hear that Jaina is in this!
machu1229 machu1229 Sep 16, 2015
Will you be coloring the lightsaber in the colors that reflect the user?
It was a go story I be looking for a Star Wars story to read