Lily Potter and the Shadows' Misfortune

Lily Potter and the Shadows' Misfortune

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Finally, summer has met its end, and Lily Luna Potter is whisked away for their second year of magical schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, true to her surname, she's stumbled upon trouble as the mysterious Sanger twins take up a residency in her room, sacred magical objects are being stolen, and last year's whispers of a revolution have not quieted. 

Alongside the gregarious Hugo Weasley, the cautious Rudolph Nickelson, the headstrong Eli Harris, the chatty Cassie Baldwin, and the reserved Nora Nott, Lily tries to uncover the secret of the Sanger twins and recover the missing school artifacts and discovers that something strange is still brewing at Hogwarts, and true to her surname, she refuses to let the mystery go unsolved.

-Completed: August 15, 2016

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wendyrepins wendyrepins Jul 18, 2016
What could be more relaxing than being thrown around while you worry about hitting muggle cars. Sounds letter than a spa day.
the_blue_box11 the_blue_box11 Feb 23, 2016
I will siriusly never stop making puns from the names of my favorite characters!
the_blue_box11 the_blue_box11 Feb 23, 2016
In the movie it took a couple minutes. I don't remember what happened in the book
lily_evans123 lily_evans123 Aug 01, 2016
The best sibling archetypes are the ones who make fun of each other and what not but the second anyone else dares to join in that person better apologize at once or face the other siblings wrath 
                              I feel like this is the potter/weasly clan
joanneisace joanneisace Dec 27, 2015
Minutes? I thought it came with a BANG instantly but sure whatever maybe I'm wrong
joanneisace joanneisace Dec 27, 2015
Who the bippity bopitty bing bang poof doesn't sleep in on holidays?!