The Fix (SPS Book 1)

The Fix (SPS Book 1)

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Michelle Sway By M_Sway_Writes Updated Jun 25

"Katelyn, you are either going to get out of this car and walk in there like a normal person or I could carry you. The choice is yours." 

Katelyn turned her head and her nose was inches away from my own, "If you so much as touch me so help me god, I will scream loud enough to burst the sound barrier." 

She was a tenacious little thing but now the image of her screaming my name implanted itself in my brain and I almost lost track of my thoughts. I blame all this on seeing her naked, if that didn't happen then this whole situation would have been different.

"Princess, I will drag you in there kicking and screaming your pretty little head off if I have to." 

Katelyn's eyes narrowed to mere slits, "You wouldn't dare." 


Katelyn Davis has her whole life mapped out in front of her but it all comes to a shuddering halt when her mom passes away. With her mom's final words and a few letters, Katelyn goes to Silver Point for the summer to restore her mom's family home.  

This puts her on a collision course with Lucas Rhys, the brooding and sinfully sexy handyman tasked with fixing the dilapidated structure.  

As the project kicks off both Katelyn and Lucas realize how massive their project will be and the tension between them only adds fuel to the fire. Lucas has no intention of letting the bossy little brunette run over him, he has a job to do. 

Old secrets start to surface and Katelyn buckles under the pressure but will Lucas be there to catch her?


Book 1 in the Silver Point Series 
Can be read as a standalone
Mature Content