Bad Boy Saw Me Naked!

Bad Boy Saw Me Naked!

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infinity_chaser By infinity_chaser Updated Jun 23, 2016

Bella had a pretty normal life.  She loved who she was and the way her life was. She was considered a teachers pet and always had no lower then a B+ in any of her classes. Bella had no clue what trouble was.

Throw In the new neighbor Will. He is a player and jock. He believes every girl should fall to his knees and fall for his charm. He has lookes at trouble in the face and meerly lauged. 

What happens when Bella isn't falling for his dashing good looks or charm?

One is dangerous, one is kind. Will love come out it the end with the good and the bad?

NOT EDITED!!!!!!!!!

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This sounds like ma and my group of friends. I'm already loving this book 😀
This girl is me. I like everything from P!@TD and BVB to Halsey and Ariana 😀
- - Sep 21
Watch out man! If female lead is Selena and you're calling her ass flat,better be prepared for a kick in your shin!!!
jesiihemmings jesiihemmings Dec 05, 2016
Omfg I'm listening to that exact song right fücking now!!!!!!!
trin616 trin616 Nov 29, 2016
i like it already but for belle she need to learn how to close her window
jesiihemmings jesiihemmings Dec 05, 2016
I run all the the fridge.......for the last slice of cake (no not Calum and Luke - I wish)