The Man I Know I'm Not - Sequel to TMIABM [Frerard]

The Man I Know I'm Not - Sequel to TMIABM [Frerard]

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[This is the sequel to Tell Me I'm A Bad Man, it's not a necessity to read that first, but you probably should]

Frank was under the impression that as soon as he'd graduated and moved to New York with Gerard, everything would be, well, perfect. Though he wasn't completely naïve - he knew that the presence of Gerard's apparently suicidal ex-boyfriend was going to make things difficult, but he didn't know that his intense distrust of the man would start to break down the relationship he'd tried so hard to keep.

And then lies upon lies upon lies from everybody start to build, until nobody's sure of the truth anymore.

Six months isn't long, but it's enough.


[sexual content, may be triggering for some individuals]

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I don´t want to read this. I don´t want to have my feelings blown up again
I'm half exited Because tmiabm was so good but also I'm terrified Because WTF DOES THAT MEAN
I'm slightly angry?? But only a little?? I swear I'm not fuming right now??
lollipopgee lollipopgee Jan 16, 2017
Lmao I thought the name was kick me like a stray so I was looking for this for a solid 30 minutes after I woke up