Recovery ◦ Scott McCall

Recovery ◦ Scott McCall

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"Hey, Deputy. I'm totally into the handcuffs and everything, but would you mind letting me out?"

Kayla Dunbar was less than pleased when she had to abandon her friends junior year of high school. For once in her life, it wasn't her fault either. Her fifteen year old, ticking time bomb of a brother was the cause of the abrupt move from Devenford Prep to Beacon Hills High. Liam Dunbar was as volatile as his older sister was, the two always bound to create destruction. 

Kayla had to leave her entire social life back at Devenford: all of the detentions that she worked hard to receive, her artwork on the pricey statue in front of the school, and more importantly, the long-lasted reputation that she spent three years building at the high school.

The title of the "new girl" had been quickly thrown down the rabbit hole the moment that her little brother is bitten by a teenage boy in her Econ class. Soon enough, Kayla Dunbar is forced to live a life of being the older sister to a teen wolf. That particular, lifelong job meant that she was the one threatening the two boys making Liam's life a living hell during the first few days. Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski continued to show off their personalities in ways that only brought Kayla Dunbar's anger with it. The only thing that might have the hope of changing her attitude is if Kayla finally realizes that she's no longer alone in a world filled with monsters, and that asking for help isn't always a bad thing.

 Even if it is from Scott McCall.


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kylie_furuli kylie_furuli Sep 15, 2017
Lol when she has the same first and middle name as your older sister...
thunderblink thunderblink Jun 17, 2017
stalia will deep down always be my otp but after season 5 i dont want them to get back together. i want scalia to happen before the show ends!
'I believe I'm a good person . I believe there's good in everyone but I look around at these kids I've known all my life and I think : what happened?'
                              My reference will never get noticed..
voidklaroline voidklaroline May 07, 2017
As much as I hate my little brother, I would probably do the same thing she did
ironthrones ironthrones Sep 03, 2017
kira probably doesn't want malia to spill anything about the supernatural 😩 she's blunt and has no filter
ironthrones ironthrones Sep 03, 2017
i do that too it's one of the reasons i rarely wear nail polish cause it doesn't last longer than a day 😩